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Mandura Scam? Evaluate Mandura IBO Opportunity

The Product- Evaluate the product and the cost of the product
Start-up Cost- Is the start up cost reasonable that the majority of people that you market to can afford?
Comp Plan- Is the comp plan easy to understand? No hidden gimmicks
Company Reputation- Check out the company, is it financially sound, who are the owners? check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, also check out the MLM Watchdog websites that have information from different 3rd parties.
Training- Does the company provide needed training for your self and your down line?
Technology- What type of investment has the company made on technology? It is important to see the company making investments to be cutting edge. If they do not provide the right infrastructure, should you get involved?
System- Does the company have a marketing system, and a system that is easily duplicated so that it is easy for you to have your down line grow their business? Read the rest of this entry >>