Mandura Scam? Evaluate Mandura IBO Opportunity

The Product- Evaluate the product and the cost of the product
Start-up Cost- Is the start up cost reasonable that the majority of people that you market to can afford?
Comp Plan- Is the comp plan easy to understand? No hidden gimmicks
Company Reputation- Check out the company, is it financially sound, who are the owners? check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, also check out the MLM Watchdog websites that have information from different 3rd parties.
Training- Does the company provide needed training for your self and your down line?
Technology- What type of investment has the company made on technology? It is important to see the company making investments to be cutting edge. If they do not provide the right infrastructure, should you get involved?
System- Does the company have a marketing system, and a system that is easily duplicated so that it is easy for you to have your down line grow their business?

This is a list of what I evaluated when I decided to be an IBO with Mandura. Mandura has an auto ship of $30 which gives you a 32 oz bottle of Mandura, and an amazing website that has a full accounting system in your back office to manage your business revenues and your down line information. Mandura’s Fit Juice is made of Acai Berry, Durian, Grape, Mangosteen, Blueberry. Mandura has a great taste and the product is made of the Royal Family of fruits. You get you money worth and people love the taste so it is a product that sells itself.

Mandura has a comp plan that is a one line forced matrix. The CEO Casey Yarbrough created this comp plan to ensure that everyone makes money. It is a system that allows every Mandura IBO to make money from their efforts and the efforts of everyone in the company through the profit sharing pools. The comp plan is easy to understand. No hidden Gimmicks. And Mandura pays. So many people forget to even point that out. I get auto deposits like clock work and when you check you back office it shows you in detail when you can expect your direct deposit. Working for a company and ensuring that you are getting paid for your efforts is important.

Mandura is financially sound and because they were a new company that just rolled out in July, 2009, the BBB rating reflects that the company is new. I googled Casey Yarbrough and Solstice International and found that they had great reputations.

Mandura has a free training that is available to new IBO’s, they have training calls, webinars and a full Social site for training called Mandura in Motion. This training is amazing you learn how to get leads, hot to manage on and offline marketing and much more. And all of this is FREE, no hidden fees to pay.

You review Mandura for yourself. Mandura Scam? Mandura Juice what is different? Mandura Comp Plan? Mandura Training? Mandura Leadership? Mandura Reputation? Mandura Mission? Think about all of these questions when you review the site. All of the information is there for you to make a decision to become a Mandura IBO.

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