My Favorite New Small Business Tool is a POS System

I am old fashioned and don’t even own a fax machine (I JUST got a Facebook page up for goodness sake) But my other half, the techie, bought this gadget and made me learn how to use it (after meeting a lady at a nearby bakery who had one, he fell in love…with the POS, not the lady!) I LOVE to blog and think I was meant to be a writer (despite being a happy small business owner) so here’s the low down…

The new POS (point of sale system) can replace almost any other system most small business use, be it a manual cash register and hand written receipts or an expensive POS like Aloha. Counterpoint software offers a variety of POS (or point of sale) options for small to medium sized retailers.Here are 5 reasons to use the POS to help your business run smoother and more productively.

  1. It’s Cheap. Far less expensive than most business owners realize, a POS system basically pays for itself in the long run by increasing sales and eliminating the need for paper and ink.
  2. Forget about paper. Imagine helping the environment and saving money at the same time! Most credit card machines print out 2 copies of the receipt, one for you and one for the customer. Most times the customer throws out the receipt or says they don’t want it. With the POS system you don’t have to print a copy even if the customer wants one, just email it! You simply swipe their card, and turn the screen around so they can sign on the screen with their finger. This also helps eliminate any future problems due to lost receipts.
  3. The cloud! You can access your business’s records from anywhere. Take it home with you to look over inventory and sales reports, or check in real time from your iPhone from anywhere. Try that with a 50 pound computer!
  4. Analyze data. The POS offers several helpful features to show you where your company is making money and where it’s losing money.
  5. Quick, easy, intuitive. It takes almost no time to setup a POS system, where one of the big companies usually sends a tech guy to install and then train staff for a whole day, not to mention the weeks of working out bugs, changing buttons and prices etc… You can do all of this quickly and easily in your business on the fly.

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